Parenting Skills Necessary for New Dads

1. Patience

Probably the greatest parenting skill is the one that keeps you from screaming when your baby has been crying for a few hours straight. The good news is that being a dad puts a lot into perspective and places where you lost your cool before are easier to manage.


2. Sense of humor

Keep laughing through all of it and repeating that it’s short and will end soon, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly diaper changing becomes a mere memory.

3. Consistency

Despite how babies seem to rule the house from the moment you bring them home, they actually thrive on consistent routines.


4. Real skills out of a book

Changing a diaper, making formula, installing a car seat – all of these things take hands on learning to accomplish. The early baby years are all about learning new information.

5. Love and affection

Love and affection is the most important thing for your new baby. Dads play an important role in the growth and development of kids social skills. There is no such thing as loving a child “too much.”

Luckily for you, many of these parenting skills come naturally to new dads so just go with the flow of being a new dad!


Source: Greatdad

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