Allison Lansing
Mommy Mentor


Hello! My name is Allison, I am currently 25 years young and I have been living in Minnesota all my life. My beautiful family includes my husband DeAndrew and our two amazing daughters Ariana and Monica. Ariana is 8 years young, she is a cheerleader and loves to play with her friends! Monica is 2.5 years young, she looks up to her big sister every day and her favorite hands on activity is playing with slime! Currently I am taking online courses with Florida Institute of Technology, a stay at home mother to my daughters, and working with HealthEZ as a Mommy Mentor. Along with those, I help nanny my neighbors children a few days a week.

 As a family we love to play board games and card games. We enjoy watching movies while snuggled up in bed and playing outside when the weather is nice. Our most enjoyable time of year is Spring so the girls can play in the muddy puddles and we can bring our flower gardens back to life. When I get time for myself, I enjoy reading books or having a chance to catch up on some of my favorite shows.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me, I cannot wait to hear more about you! :)