Boot Camp for Dads

Learn from the best.

Ask the hospital nursery personnel to show you how to change, swaddle, and bathe your baby.


Trust your instincts.

You will become the expert on your own baby.


Be patient and positive.

When it comes to your partner, communication and support are key.


Stand your ground.

Don’t let anyone push you away from your baby — not your mother-in-law, your mate, or your boss.


Learn as a family.

Don’t let “help” become interference. Relatives who want to help can be a mixed blessing.


Your baby is portable.

You can take your baby anywhere, so don’t get caught up in fretting about what you can’t do.


You will get frustrated.

When you’ve checked out every possible reason for discomfort, know that babies sometimes just need to blow off steam while you look at them adoringly, but also know your limits.


Make eye contact.

How do you play with a young baby? By looking and talking to them, they’ll look right back.


Remember, this too will pass.

When times are trying, keep this in mind: This baby will be grown up before you know it.


Relax and enjoy the ride.

Make it a daily habit to play with your new baby, check out their tiny little feet, play peekaboo, sing, and read.

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