How to Soothe
a Crying Baby

Dad Tested (Mother Approved)

Fathers don’t always get credit for all the nurturing they do, but most have their own special tricks to soothe an upset baby!


Keep an open mind

Learning how to calm your sobbing child can take experimentation. Remember, not every strategy will work, but they’re worth a shot.


Feel your baby’s pain

Do your best to understand the source of the crying, rather than just guessing.


Try the pinky

If you’re not sure what’s causing the problem, whip out your littlest finger and offer it to your baby to suck on.


Get a drink

For the baby, we mean. Try offering a warm bottle of formula or breast milk.


Rock and swing

Babies love movement — and who better to swing them around than Daddy?


Cut a rug

Hold your baby up to your shoulder and wrap their little arms around your neck. Then, dance gently—rocking slowly back and forth – with a spin or two thrown in for good measure.


Fine-tune embarrassing personal stunts

Bodily function noises. Horrific contorted faces. Spontaneous belly flops onto the nearest soft surface.


Rock and sing

For many, this could easily fit under “embarrassing personal stunts.”


Wear your baby

Place your baby in a front carrier or sling. Between the warmth of your body, the rhythmic beating of your heart, the somniferous rise and fall of your breathing, and the gentle swaying motion as you walk, at least one of you should be asleep in minutes.


Wait it out

Mothers may view this as a decidedly detached and therefore “male” approach, but sometimes babies are just going to cry. If your baby’s not in pain, hungry, tired, or wet, and she doesn’t want to be held or rocked, then let her cry—at least for as long as you can stand it.

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