First Time Dads

Follow this list to help stay in the moment of your newborn and feel as connected as possible!


Newborn Parenting: Dad’s List


Help with breast feeding

You can help ensure that the baby is properly “latched” on to mommy as she might not be able to tell from her angle.



I know you and mom may both be concerned about your ability to “be gentle” with baby, but I don’t think you’ll be crushing your little one any time soon, so take a nap with your baby.


Include Baby

You’ve got a captive audience. Involve baby and you’ll have a buddy in no time.


Talk to Baby

Remember when baby was en utero and you used to talk to mommy’s tummy all the time? That doesn’t have to stop now that baby is born.



Last, but definitely not least, bathe baby on a regular basis. Make bath time your special time.


The great thing about all of these tips is that not only you and baby benefit from your being “in the moment,” but mom benefits by getting a moment.

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