for New Dads

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile, you could miss it.

This page is for Dads who wonder & worry about their role after baby is born. It seems as if the breastfeeding mother will do everything and leave Daddy out of the loop. Not so, there is MUCH to do when a baby comes into your home. Fathers need to jump right in and integrate themselves into the mix.



Enjoying your Baby

Probably the most important thing for dads is to enjoy the duties of being a loving and caring father. Hold and cuddle your baby because they need love and attention. Here are a few things you can do to feel more involved with your little one:

  • Burp your baby when they finish nursing
  • Change their diapers
  • Give them a bath
  • Soothe them when they are fussy
  • Tickle or give “raspberries” to your baby.



Helping Mom

The first 2 months after baby is born is the hardest. It is physically challenging to feed, clean, diaper, and hold an infant for what seems like “all the time”. Help your partner by following these few tips:

  • Hold the baby whenever you can
  • Encourage mom to rest and sleep
  • Keep her hydrated
  • Bring your baby to mom when they are ready to eat
  • Give her an extra pillow for support and help her position it
  • Bring her a wipe cloth and a burp cloth
  • Offer mom the TV remote control or put on some soothing music while she nurses.



Emotional Guardian

Of equal importance is emotional support. When the day has grown long and everything seems to be falling apart, a word of encouragement really helps.

Prepare yourself:

  • Talk to co-workers and friends who have children to get a better idea of what to expect
  • Find more information on the internet about breastfeeding and your new role as a father.
  • Get books and read up on parenting issues.

Fathers have a special place in their children’s lives, so don’t feel left out.

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