Loss & Grief

The death of a baby is a
painful experience for a family

If your baby died during pregnancy or in the first days of life, you and your family may need help to understand what happened. And you may need support to find ways to deal with your grief and ease your pain.


Miscarriage, stillbirth and other conditions can cause a pregnancy to end before or during birth. Newborn death can be caused by premature birth, birth defects and other health conditions.


If you’ve had any of these experiences, you may be overwhelmed by your feelings of loss. Learning how people grieve and thinking about ways to remember your baby can help ease your pain and get ready to think about the future. Visit Share Your Story®, an online community from March of Dimes where families who have lost a baby can talk to and comfort each other. Sharing your family’s story may ease your pain and help you heal.

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