Zika Virus

Zika is a serious virus that people can get from infected mosquitos. Symptoms of Zika are usually mild and can be as simple as a fever, or joint pain.


Having Zika while you’re pregnant can cause your unborn baby to have a serious birth defect called microencephaly and potentially other severe fetal brain defects. Microencephaly is when the baby’s head is smaller than expected and the baby’s brain is also smaller and might not have developed properly. There is no cure for microencephaly and is a lifelong condition.


As a pregnant woman, you should check in with your doctor about your risk of Zika.


/ Fact Sheets and Source /  CDC Top 5 – PDF »  CDC Infographic PDF »



Flu Vaccine

It is recommended that pregnant women get the annual flu shot to vaccinate themselves and their unborn baby against the flu. Pregnant women with flu also have a greater chance for serious problems for their developing baby, including premature labor and delivery.


/ Source / CDC Flushot Pregnant Factsheet – PDF »  / CDC Flushot Pregnant Factsheet – online »


Pregnancy causes a shift in your hormones, leading to increased sensitivity in your skin, including elevated sun sensitivity. If you need to be outside during peak sun, between 10am and noontime, use a sunscreen that doesn’t absorb into your skin, and wear a hat along with other protective clothing while you are outside.


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