How To Get Around

This page is designed to assist you in navigating our site.  We kept simplicity in mind during it’s creation to bring you the easiest-to-use resource for maternal help and information.

Mommy Profile

Maternity Quick Screen – A quick survey all new moms will take so our Mommy Mentors can help them better


Website Survey

Let Us Know How We are Doing – Our goal is to help our members have healthy, happy babies. We want to make sure our website is designed to fit your needs. This survey will help us to make changes to better the site for you!


You will find these three icons on our Baby2B, Baby Bump and Baby! pages. Clicking on each icon will lead you to various collections of articles.

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Fun to know – Filled with articles that give you all the tips and tricks you want to know!

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Good to know – A collection of helpful lifestyle articles to guide you before, after and during pregnancy

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Need to know – A collection of medically based articles to help answer some of the questions you may have

Main Menu

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 About us – Meet our team of Mommy Mentors and nurses who will be there to guide you through the whole process

Mommy 101 – Your main drop down menu which includes pages for before, after and during pregnancy as well as food and wellbeing

Don’t Forget Daddy – We know how important Daddy is so we created a page just for him! This page has fun and informative articles to get him involved

Gallery – Fun photos and videos to get you excited for Baby!

Mommy Profile – Your personalized page that has a calendar just for you to upload all your appointments in!

Baby Bump

On the Baby Bump page you will find an icon for each of the trimesters. Clicking on the icon will lead you to a page with a week by week description of what is happening with both you and Baby during that trimester.

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“How are you feeling Mommy?”

Whether you’re feeling great or need immediate help, this menu can help you.  The results of each button is:

  • Great – links to Wellbeing, which includes routines to help you stay in shape
  • Good – brings you to the Food page to help you feel great
  • So so… – an e-mail/text will be generated for your Mommy Mentor to contact you ASAP
  • Call Me – our Mommy Mentor will call you immediately, 24/7
  • Hoping 2B – links to Baby 2B articles on pre-pregnancy information

Mommy IQ

A page made for you to test your pregnancy and baby knowledge. Clicking on each icon will lead you to a new quiz to try.

Mommy 101

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Your main “go-to” drop menu

  • Mommy IQ – Here you can test your knowledge on pregnancy with some of our short quizzes.
  • Baby2B – Includes articles related to pre-pregnancy
  • Baby Bump – Articles helpful throughout your pregnancy and a week-by-week timeline for the whole 9 month stretch
  • Baby! – Post-pregnancy related articles
  • Food – Power foods, articles to help you stay healthy and recipes
  • Wellbeing – Workout plans for before, during and after pregnancy!
  • Glossary– Any pregnancy word you can think of defined


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Eating fresh foods is one of the best ways to keep you and your baby healthy!

Baby boosting foods – The best foods for you to add into your pregnancy diet

Feel Your Best – Helpful articles about staying healthy during pregnancy as well as what’s safe and what’s not safe to eat during pregnancy

Recipes – Easy to prepare and delicious recipes for you to make or pick up. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks


well being page for site map

Staying healthy during pregnancy is important for both you and your baby. Our wellbeing page is designed to give you baby safe exercises to try during pregnancy as well as routines for before and after pregnancy.

Must Haves

must haves


A collection of great must haves for when baby comes! If you find something you like just click buy it now and you can easily purchase it.

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