Survival Guide
for New Dads

1. If you’re going to be late coming home don’t wait until the last minute to tell her – call ahead.


2. Come home and get in the house.


3. Get excited about the baby.


4. Don’t ask “What’s for Dinner.”


5. Don’t go on about how hard your day was. Even if your day was terrible, she can probably trump yours.

7. Playing airplane doesn’t go well with newborns. They puke.


8. Be a CIA guy. Be like those awesome CIA guys who silently, seamlessly gets the odd glass of water, and loads the dishwasher.


It takes a great guy to step up and dig in during those first few months, but a guy who says “I’ll be home early, I’m bringing dinner and I want to take the baby for a walk as soon as I get home,” now that’s our kind of dad.

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