Week 18 - Mango

Week 18

Feeling flutters? That’s your baby moving in your belly


It is a very subtle feeling and you may not realize it is the baby at first. Your baby is generally more active after meals and before bedtime.

Here’s what has changed this week:

  • Your baby’s bones are going through the process of ossification. As they harden you are able to feel more movement inside of you
    • The bones in the legs and the inner ear are the first ones to go through the process
  • Your baby is now able to hear some outside noises so it is a good time to start talking or reading to them


Relaxin: The hormone that causes joints and ligaments to soften and become stretched during pregnancy, allowing the pelvic bones to expand more easily during labor and delivery. Relaxin is also responsible for body changes, such as an increase in an expectant mother’s foot size.


Back pain may increase which is a normal part of pregnancy. The pain comes from the hormone relaxin which loosens your joints in preparation for birth and from your center of gravity shifting forward due to your growing baby bump. To relieve the pain, apply heat but hold off on hot tub sessions for a little longer. Staying active is also another helpful way to ease the pain.


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