Week 23 - Eggplant

Week 23

Like a breath of fresh air!


Here’s what has changed this week:

  • Baby is producing surfactant in order to enable their air sacs to inflate and their lungs to expand
  • Baby is practicing breathing using the amniotic fluid
  • The pancreas is developing this week


During the second trimester, weight gain is generally about one pound per week. You may notice that you are starting to swell more, this is called edema. It will generally be worse during the day and subside at night. Call your Mommy Mentor if you have any questions or concerns.


You can get a glucose screen now to determine if you have gestational diabetes. About 4 percent of women develop this and left untreated it may cause birth defects, miscarriage, premature delivery or a still birth. A simple blood draw can test your blood sugar levels.


Edema: Swelling due to the accumulation of fluids in the tissues. Swelling in the ankles and feet occurs in 75 percent of pregnant woman.


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