Week 25 - Spaghetti Squash

Week 25

 Your baby’s brain is already working hard!


Here’s what has changed this week:

  • Even though your baby sleeps 80% of the time, your baby’s brain is very active
  • You may feel more movement from your baby since they can recognize your voice and familiar sounds
  • Your baby’s fingernails are starting to develop, they have enough control to curl their fingers into a fist


Feeling itchy?
For itch relief, try soothing it with lotion, one with vitamin E will provide added relief.  A high fiber diet will help to relieve the constipation, which will help to relieve the hemorrhoids.
Around this time your regular exercise routine may become a little harder. As an alternative to quitting completely, modify your workout to include more low-impact exercises like walking and swimming.


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